Our finest filter



When we set out to make a drinking water filter, we went by our own standards.

And we only know high.

We have often been asked for our advice on water filters. Although British tap water is very good in terms of cleanliness, the odour and chemical taste often experienced isn’t pleasant to say the very least. And yet, it only needs a high-quality filter to change that. The problem in the past has been the high price of such a filter. However, we knew that a very high-quality filter could be made at a very reasonable price - so we did it.


The AquaPuri Filter was the result. It has an incredible 0.5 micron ‘hi-flo’ filter cartridge inside. To give you an idea how fine 0.5 microns is, the width of a human blood cell is 5 microns, and a human hair is 75 microns. So half a single micron is pretty small, we think you’ll agree. We then sourced a ‘double-seal’ filter housing, and a tap that’s very pleasing to the eye. Finally, we had our ‘kit’. We then went and gave it a very reasonable price - just £125.00 inc. p&p.


It’s easily installed on your kitchen water supply by an average diy-er (we show you how). The filter requires to be changed annually. But rather than mess around with cartridges, you simply replace the entire housing! How’s that for simplicity? The replacement cost is just £99 including p&p.


Cost against bottled water:


Put simply, there is no contest. Bottled water from a supermarket will cost you around £1.50 for 4 litres. But AquaPuri water costs...


For 4 litres!*



*Based on replacement cost at £99 annually.



The AquaPuri costs just £125.00 including p&p


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